Coffeeholic & Me

To the corner I go

Empty the sachet I know

Beans a brew

I’m on a blue collar high

With the screen

Staring at me all a-glow

Time to unwind

Tea? Not my kind of fancy

An hour to honor

My company

As cup No 3

Sets me free


Kid no more

Dropped mask
Instantly, head falls hard
Hand pounding
On concrete ground
No cuts no bruises
Only feeling dispositioned
Dumbfoundedly numb
Attempting hard not to frown
She was never good at begging
Not a fan of screaming
Avoiding a spectacle is all too common
‘Hush’ is all she had
Observed by many is
An obedient servant
Making null
A performance that is staged
To silence
The sudden outburst
The lashing, the outrage
The rampage of
An uncontented character,
A beast in the making

Silenced Weapons

When all hell breaks lose
We dug deep to realize
That indecent lips were held tightly
Not even a whisper nor a smirk
Only silences that threathened
A negotiator to seal a deal
With an attempt to
Unleash an unfavorable kill
An absolute slaughter
On command, on demand
It will be a horrible state if
Dealings are not properly
Weighed in, thrusting a gore of a mess
A brutal slaying if requests aren’t met
Refusing point blank will not be an option
Now weapons have taken over
Why? Well, the scums who did not
Act against what should have
Been reacted on ended in
A bloodbath that
Came crashing sooner
Than later

This Day

Today, lets vow never to surrender
Today is a new beginning, a new chapter
Today is a great learning that we shall ponder
Today comes and goes, will not last forever
Today, gratitude is given and worth the consider
Today is when tomorrow is heralded by a true believer
Today is destiny gleaming with hope and wonder
Today seems happier than we could ever remember
Today calms us of thoughts that make us stronger
Today is not bleak nor gloom of rain & thunder
Today I leave but remain a true friend, not just a stranger
Today will be KIND to us – you and I
I know NOW, more than EVER


Spots or
Flashing lights
Zig zag patterns
Distorted vision
Sparkles or stars
Colored spots
Swirled or contoured
Curved or C-shaped
Experience once
Extremely terrifying
JustĀ the thought
Of having another one – distressing
300 types
All categorised
Linked and lined up
To a source,
The best care
They say
You need to take control
You are your best healer
You need to talk to your body
You need to manage when dreary
Fascinating enough
Help is not always
All fun and fancy
Talk is always easy
Lets do the math

On the Roof

I woke up
With stars and
Pitch black
As ceilings
Guiding my
Every move
Blanketed by
The midnight breeze
I befriend
The silence
That holds me
As the only
Of interest
Of cravings
Of an inward path
A sudden precept
When the mind regulates
A Desire in check
It’s from up here
I devise the disciples
Of simply living


Always an excuse
To watch a chick flick
That ends in perfect fairyland
Where two hearts become one
Walking down the aisle
In gallant strides
Garlands ribboned
Candlelights flicker
A finger taps on a single harp
And a gentle tune plays
Always had a soft spot
For when vows are exchanged
Tears stream warming
The faces of those
Who bear witness,
Who identify the hearts belong
To each other
Always looking forward
As the first dance
Makes its way into
The hall, dimly lit
Eyes fixated, receptive to
The wondrous of new beginnings
A series of believable moments
A cornerstone where dreams collide
A reassurance that life is meant for two
A scintillating shutterbug of memoriesĀ 
A tugging at the heartstrings


In Between

Either these
Feelings are
Crashing in
As a result
A one nighter
A short fling
A romance built years over
A first true love
A forgotten lover
A passionate kiss left untold
A memoir to hold
A forgiven soul
A pure coincedence
A tug to the heart
A person to touch
An understanding that
Everything that is felt
Should be felt as they
Are real not some cheap thrill
P.S: Let no divide come in between